John Stevenson, Santa Fe New Mexican  LTE 

Don Gordon's Nov. 13 My View, "'Greenspan Shrugged' and the world shook," attempts to discredit Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged by claiming that former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan (who had admired Rand in his youth) faithfully carried her ideas to Washington and put free-market economics into practice.

Rand advocated the complete separation of state and economics. Greenspan abandoned these ideas by becoming chairman of the Federal Reserve. His manipulation of interest rates caused the orgy of bad loans that is now crushing the free market. Unfortunately, today's businessmen are unwilling to stand up and ask the moral question that Rand asked: "By what right do you demand my sacrifice?"

If Rand were alive today she would proudly hold up a copy of Atlas Shrugged to Greenspan and other enemies of capitalism and say simply, "I told you so."

John Stevenson
Santa Fe

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