Facets of Ayn Rand now available on Web

ARI | Feb 16, 2008

Readers of Ayn Rand's works are often eager to know what the author was like as a person. What was the character and personality of one who could conceive such grand ideas, and present them so memorably and powerfully in novels like Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead?


To help shed light on these subjects, the Ayn Rand Institute is proud to introduce a new Web site offering the complete text of Facets of Ayn Rand, a memoir by Mary Ann and Charles Sures, two longtime friends of Ayn Rand.

The book, presented in interview form, brings to light many aspects of Ayn Rand, from her approach to communicating ideas to friends, to her cats and her love of stamp collecting, to her marriage to Frank O'Connor and the joy she found in his art.

As Mrs. Sures explains at the book's beginning, "We want to preserve our recollections of Ayn Rand and our evaluation of her. Few people knew her for as long as we did—I for twenty-eight years and Charles for almost twenty. She was an extraordinary thinker and person, and we knew her in both capacities. In the years to come, people will be asking the same question they ask about her today: what was Ayn Rand like as a person, in her private life? We can answer that question."
The presentation of this book on the Web at no cost is made possible by the generous permission of Mary Ann Sures.

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