From Joseph Kellard
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To the Editor:
Re: “Hammering Hamas,” Dec. 29, 2008
Israel’s leaders should be condemned for their retaliatory airstrikes in Gaza — for being so timid.  
Hamas’ aggression toward Israel is merely part of totalitarian Islam’s broader war against the West, which has its base in theocratic Iran. Israel’s military may stop Hamas’ attacks today, just as it did Hezbollah’s in Lebanon in 2006, but her Muslim enemies will continue to seek her utter destruction and will use their Iranian-supplied weapons again and again until that nihilistic goal is met.
Israel must assert the moral confidence to take truly massive military action against Iran, wiping out the ruling mullahs and ayatollahs, their mosques and schools that preach “Death to Israel,” and their military and nuclear sites. Until Israel cuts off the main head of the terrorist hydra that is Iran, it will continue wage pin-prick campaigns against the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah and other Iranian-inspired proxies.  
Joseph Kellard
East Meadow, NY

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