The Sorcerer's Apprentice

By Boaz Arad | June 4, 2010 Published in the column "Al HaCavenet" in "Makor Rishon".

The ecological disaster developing in the Gulf of Mexico threatens to spread, while at the same time exposing President Obama's style and political methods. According to the Washington Post, Obama is furious with British Petroleum about the flow of oil into the Gulf, but continues to present himself to the media as being in control of the situation. The Post reports that Obama is becoming more and more tight-lipped in his media briefings, and that in one meeting he even exclaimed loudly, "Plug the damn hole!"

Obama's predicament is not very different from that of the sorcerer's apprentice who tries to control forces greater than he. Having implemented his liberal-green policy of prohibiting the drilling of oil on land and on the continental shelf (for ecological reasons), he left the vilified oil companies with no choice but to drill further away and at dangerous depths, in this case at a depth of more than 1.5 kilometers below sea level, at the limits of technological knowhow.

Obama ignores the human tragedy of 11 fatalities in the gas explosion that occurred in the off-shore drilling rig. What bothers him is the threat the oil spill might have on his ambitious agenda and public image.

His orders and his threats, and his apparent assumption of responsibility – of not limiting the oil companies sufficiently (meaning that now he will limit them more) – cannot contain the leak. But what they can do is bring on further damage: oil price increases, the impaired functioning of the oil companies, and the setting up of another corrupt bureaucratic control system.

Control and threats by the administration have never solved a technological or economic problem. They didn't repair a single clutch in the cars of Toyota, the previous corporate victim of the administration's anger. Threats won't plug the oil leak, either. What is needed are free-working and innovative engineers and businesspeople, promoting technology and knowledge.

The preliminary signs of Obama's belligerent mode of operation were evident to anyone who was prepared to observe reality. About two years ago the young senator Obama joyously declared that his nomination as the Democratic Party's candidate for the presidency indicates the moment at which "the planet begins to heal" and "the rise in the oceans begins to slow." (See here at 5:00 min).

Today, two years after he commanded the oceans to recede and started revitalizing the planet, we can see the results of this amazing arrogance as we find ourselves surrounded by demons that have escaped from their lair, like the oil spill, which typifies the policy of President Obama, the sorcerer's apprentice. The steps he took against the large corporations are just one manifestation of his agenda.

In the first week of June 2010, we have seen Obama support the removal of the ambiguity surrounding Israel's nuclear policy, and allow the dragging of Israel to the butcher's block of the organization of dictators known as the United Nations. Instead of shutting down this corrupt organization and draining the swamp in which it dwells, as a first step for creating in its stead an organization that unites the free, peace-seeking countries, Obama, the revolutionary idealist, prefers the idea of equality and multiculturalism, for the sake of which he is prepared to sacrifice the freedom and security of freedom-lovers everywhere.

One of Obama's first acts in the White House was to remove the sculpture of Winston Churchill from the Oval Room. This was a symbolic gesture by someone who wished to distance the values of liberty and freedom from his administration, and someone who, facing danger in the future, would implement the policies of Chamberlain.

Instead of fighting America's enemies, Obama is turning America into a country of their ilk, depleting it economically and cutting off its productive juices, destroying its large defense projects, increasing the public debt to astronomic proportions, and punishing Americans for being the freest nation in the world, while at the same time apologizing to third-world dictators. This dangerous ideology, accompanied by the humiliation of and harm done to America's allies, including Israel and Great Britain, will only help to consolidate the "the axes of evil" in the Middle East, South America and Asia.

Some of Obama's supporters, albeit very late in the game, have already drawn their own conclusions. Haim Saban, one of the Democratic Party's biggest financial supporters, recently described Obama as someone who identifies ideologically with the extreme left, and expressed criticism of the Obama administration's hostile attitude towards Israel. Obama is executing by the book what his friends who chose an academic career are teaching: anti-Americanism from the doctrines of Marx, Marcuse and William Ayers. As this ideology becomes policy, the government turns into that of the angry crowds. And "when themassesare hungry, " as the philosopher José Ortega y Gasset said "they destroy thebakeries". When this conduct becomes the official policy of the most powerful administration in the world, lovers of freedom and producers would do well to maintain a safe distance from it.


Boaz Arad

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