Dear friends,

I’ll be back in Israel for some speaking (and screening) events between February 20 and 25.

On Sunday 22 evening, I’ll speak in Jerusalem (for a French speaking audience).

On Monday 23 evening, I’ll speak in Netanya (for a French speaking audience).

If you’re interested in one of these events, or if you just want to meet with me, please, send me an email at [email protected] .
On Tuesday 24 evening, I’ll speak at the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists festive fund-raising event in Tel Aviv themed: “The Media-Reflecting or Dictating Reality”.

If you want some details about this dinner and if you want to attend, please write to: [email protected]
During all those years of the al Dura fight, I got a cold shoulder from almost all Israeli officials.

Two weeks ago, the Israeli Channel 1 broadcast my interview with Yaakov Achimeir, and at the end, a few words were attributed to the deputy director of the Israeli minister of Foreign Affairs, Aviv Shir-On. This man did not tell the truth in order to cover up his, Livni’s and his colleagues mistakes and weak attitude.
To watch the TV interview in English and Shir-On’s answer, please click here.
In order to respond to Shir-On’s answer, I had to write an article which has been published this weekend in Hebrew by Makor Rishon.

The English (more comprehensive version) has been published by the Hudson Institute – NY.
You can read it here: Israel Losing the Media War: Wonder Why?
Recently, the French version of the Jerusalem Post published an extended article about France 2’s media manipulations.

Warm regards,
Philippe Karsenty

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