The letter refers to: Grief and Rage at Stricken Gaza School

Choosing Hamas is choosing death

January 7, 2009
Dear Editor,
It is noteworthy that the “world” is in rage about Al Fakhura school, but indifferent about Israeli civilians. Not only is this one sided, it is macabre in its implications. Israel targets terrorists bent on destroying civilization and accidently kills civilians—the world is in rage. Hamas targets civilians for the sake of killing civilians and brining terror to western civilization—the world becomes apologists for Hamas. This double standard speaks to a choice that many are making—against a civilization that provides wealth, comfort, and education, and for an ideology of poverty, ignorance, and death.
Let us not forget, as the initiators of force against civilians, Hamas is morally responsible for each death on the streets of Gaza. Death is their favorite currency and it is death they will continue to dispense if it succeeds against Israel. Those who favor Hamas should realize they are choosing nihilism over life.

הוספת תגובה