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September 18, 2001


President of the United States of America

Mr. George W. Bush

Mr. President:

Situation Assessment and Operative Program Following the Terrorist Attack on the US.

1. Defects Revealed in the US Ability to Protect Itself:

· All the arms of the American system of security were not prepared to terrorist attack on the United States, despite the existence of foretelling signs. The most grievous failure belongs to the strategic and tactical intelligence arms.

· The system of security failed to function in the course of the attack itself.

· All the preliminary programs and “drawer plans” that were prepared in the course of decades of strategic and intelligence efforts proved to be useless in real time. The most prominent deficiencies characterised the following three programs:

A. Drawer program to move the president from site to site in case of emergency: The implemented program perhaps had some justification in case of nuclear attack on the US on the part of the Soviet Union. This program caused the president and other heads of the government to fail in the crucial moment of truth and presented you in the eyes of the public as a coward fearing for his life. This irrelevant program prevented you from manifesting true leadership and gave the initiators of the terrorist attack an enormous achievement: the president of the only world superpower runs and hides from them.

B. Protection of the Pentagon: If after dozens of years of thought and preparations, a hijacked civil aircraft with no weapons can inflict such a terrible strike on the Pentagon – the chief neural centre of America in the field of security, then, generations of generals and experts presuming to understand the term “security” and its derivatives, were nothing but “free eaters”, and in fact lived as parasites on the expense of the American nation. In their defence we can say that they did not do it knowingly.

The destruction of the Twin Towers by two airplanes in considerable interval of time between the first and second crash testifies that the skies if the United States were forfeit and all the programs for prevention of aircrafts’ penetration to our population centres did not worth the paper they were written on.

C. Programs and Plans for Training of Experts: All the universities, research institutes and civil experts that train our system of security failed to develop theories and intellectual and analytic tools to treat assaults of this kind.

2. Results:

A. Collapse of the United States Theory of Security.

B. In a brief period of time the United States lost thousands of people, many of whom, on the planes and in the Pentagon and WTC had very high intellectual baggage that cannot be replaced for decades.

C. The American public lost its self-confidence, which was the major factor in the prosperity of the United States at its peak.

D. The prestige of the American government underwent immense deterioration in the eyes of the Americans, their allies and especially in the eyes of its enemies.

E. Collapse of the United States deterrence ability.

3. Lessons:

New theory of security must be formulated from the basics, i.e.: development of new security paradigm from which all the new concepts and theories will be derived. The development of the new paradigm cannot be entrusted in the hands of the existing intellectual elite, which severely disappointed all of us. There is a need to foster a new intellectual elite that will match the strategic reality at the dawn of the 21st century, instead of the optimistic and unfounded spirit of the late 19th and the early 20th centuries. We must understand that the Nazi phenomenon and the appearance of Hitler on the stage of History in the mid 20th century were not a rare mutation, but a probable possibility that may repeat itself in different guises. Therefore, it is necessary to reproduce the lessons of the 2nd World War anew, and this time without the false concepts of peace used by the Soviet Union to poison, as a part of the psychological warfare it waged against the western world, the culture of the free world.

· Without any further delay we must begin the shaping of new program for training of officers all along the chain of military command of the US Army, which will include training of agents in all the arms on the non-military intelligence.

· New security drawer and emergency programs must be prepared.

· Immediate actions to restore the American deterrence power are essential. Today, the United States is capable to deter states but it cannot deter terrorist organisations.

· The existing laws should be checked, several laws should be cancelled and new laws should be legislated in order to act efficiently against the terrorist organisations threatening the survival of the United States.

4. Operative Programs – Immediate Terms:

The two main countries harbouring the terrorism of today are Afghanistan and Iraq. The United States must declare immediate war against these countries without waiting for the formation of the western or global coalition and without waiting for the mediation efforts of Pakistan. Osama bin Laden is not the main target of this war. Although he is the leader of the terrorist army, the United States should destroy the army and not necessarily its leader.

The United States should wage this war itself and join forces only with those who would ask to join without any stipulations and conditions, such as Great Britain.

In this war the United States should inflict very painful and hard blows on Iraq and Afghanistan, quickly eliminate their regimes and kill their rulers in the course of the war or after a trial as committers of crimes against humanity.

The United States has the military means to do it quickly and without sacrificing too many lives of American soldiers if it will not pay too much consideration to the lives of the “innocent” in these countries and redefine this term anew: an innocent person is not someone who did not commit a crime, but someone who survived after trying to prevent a crime. The declaration of war transforms all the people living in these states into enemies and if the people of Iraq and Afghanistan want to avoid the painful strikes and save themselves and their property they must act themselves toward overturning of their regimes and prosecute their rulers or deliver them into the hands of International Court for War Crimes. If they will not do so, they will have to pay the price of the terrorist ideologies endorsed by their countries.

Immediate overturning of the regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq through infliction of vast damage in these countries will deter other countries from harbouring terrorists, because their rulers will fear ending like the rulers of Afghanistan and Iraq and thus will enable the United States to conduct a determined anti-terrorism policy.

5. Medium-Term Operative Programs:

The United States must declare war against all the terrorist organisations and use all its special forces to annihilate every terrorist on the globe, whether by military action or death verdict in the court.

The United States should confiscate or destroy the property of the terrorists and their families including living residence all across the globe. Any country that would ask to join the United States would be obliged to follow the same rules.

I assume that after the success of the immediate stage – overturning of the regimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, most of the western countries would ask to join the United States in her war against terrorism on the conditions it will dictate.

6. Long-Term Operative Programs:

The United States must undertake intellectualisation of the military and warfare experience and transfer the new security insight to the current civilisation, i.e.: from the 8th millennia BC to the 3rd millennia AD.

For that, the American Congress will have to provide quick approval for the foundation of independent National Academy for National Security.

The difference between the suggested academy and all the research institutions and universities in the United States of today is in the fact that the members of the academy will be allowed to read all the secret documents of the United States. This accessibility to all the secret documents will enable the members of the academy to conduct scientific studies in the field of security instead of wasting time of mythological researches, as it was done so far.

This academy will be joined by the most brilliant minds in various fields in the United States: academic world, world of businesses, culture, arts, etc. Naturally, the members of the academy will undergo very strict security checks.

The National Academy for National Security will have two roles:

A. To develop new concepts (terminology) and theories in the field of security, including the anti-terrorism and terrorism warfare, nuclear warfare, etc, in order to crystallise it into new security paradigm.

B. To train the holders of the mid-level and senior offices in all the arms of the American security system especially and in the government in general, toward giving them real intellectual depth in the field of their occupation before they will begin to accumulate practical experience.

Within several years the operation of the National Academy for National Security will transform the American culture of security and adjust it to the threats of the 21st century and thus ensure the survival of the United States in light of the new threats.

7. Summary:

The presented situation assessment and operative programs are supposed to serve as the basis for intensive process of brainstorming. Some of the operative chapters of the presented programs are supposed to take several years, but every long journey starts with a little step. I would gladly submit my insights, research and knowledge at your disposal.


Uri Milstein, Ph. D.


Dr. Uri Milstein has a PhD from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1974). He was the historian of the IDF paratroopers, senior researcher in the history department of the IDF Air-Force and a lecturer in the IDF School for Management & Command. He currently teaches in Bar-Ilan University. Published dozens of books and hundreds of articles on military, army and warfare issues. Currently occupied with the development of new paradigm of military and warfare experience.

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