Islamic Terror – How Many People Were Killed During June 2010

By: Dr. Yohai Sela | 08.07.2010

While international institutions around the world continued denouncing Israel during June 2010 for its military operation on May 31 2010 against Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's ship of terror, 2,000 Uzbek Muslims were murdered by Kirghiz Muslims in a violent outbreak that included arson, rape and looting.

According to several testimonies, the Kirghiz army had an active role in the murderous violence that erupted in Kirghizstan on June 11 2010. Resulting from this harsh violence is an unbearable humanitarian crisis which caused the flight of 400,000 Uzbek Muslims.

Unfortunately, the international media regarded the occurrence as a mere new curiosity, and not as an occurrence worthy of a more serious treatment as befitting the tragedy that the Uzbek Muslims went through. During June 2010 hundreds of terror activities took place throughout the Islamic world and took the lives of 4,232 people; during May 2010, 2,254 people were killed; During April 2010, 1,768 people were killed; during March 2010, 2,536 were killed; during February 2010, 1,556 were killed; and during January 2010, 2,166 people were killed. During the first six months of 2010, 14,512 people were killed by Islamic terror attacks and Islamic violence.

At the beginning of June 2010 it became known that Islamic soldiers of the Nigerian army began an expedition of raping and murdering Christian women. According to several estimations, hundreds of Christian women were raped in Nigeria and dozens of them were murdered right after that. Rape has become a common weapon in the Islamic world as part of the religious struggle of radical Islamic groups in Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and the Gaza strip.During June 2010 Muslim attacks on Christian communities that dwell in the Islamic scope also became known.

During the past few years hundreds of Christians were killed in Muslim countries, with no proper reaction on the Muslim Governments behalf. Therefore, Christian population in Muslim countries is reducing gradually with the vigorous encouragement of all governmental authorities and radical Islamic organizations. There are 57 Muslim countries throughout the world, most of which administrate violent regimes of oppression and terror toward the local population, towards minorities, towards women and towards their neighboring countries. Most of the Muslim countries support Islamic terrorist organizations that are active in various regions in the world – including Europe, the Caucasian region, Latin America, South-East Asia, India, North Africa and East Africa.

During June 2010 more than 100 NATO soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. Since the beginning of 2010, about 320 foreign soldiers were killed in Afghanistan – most of the casualties are American soldiers who carry the primary burden of the difficult war against the global Jihad. About the war in Afghanistan see the continuation of the article.

During June 2010, the armies of Turkey, Iran and Syria began an intensive military attack against the Kurdish minority, which is estimated at about 25 million people. The Turkish authorities have taken pride in their success to kill hundreds of Kurdish people since the beginning of 2010. The Kurdish people have been struggling for dozens of years for their national rights, however, the international community is still unwilling to act in their behalf for fear of the reaction of the Muslim countries. Furthermore, Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan has declared in the middle of June 2010 that "Turkey will drown the Kurdish rebels in their own blood." But even this declaration did not urge the international community to act in behalf of the Kurdish people that moan under the terror regimes of Turkey, Iran and Syria. Turkey continues to limit the news coverage regarding the Kurdish struggle for national recognition; the Turkish authorities have also limited international web sites that are abusive, according to them, to the "national Turkish honor." In Syria, hundreds of Kurdish people were arrested during June 2010 with suspicion of assisting the Kurdish resistance, the PKK.

Islamic Terror and Violence, June 2010

(minimal estimate)

(including NATO soldiers)

























Turkey – Kurds:





India – Kashmir:


The Federation of Russian States – Caucasus:


The Philippines:

7 (murders after rapes were not included)


1 (civilian)


11 (Islamic Terrorists)

Israel – The Gaza Strip:

1 (terrorist) + 1 (Israeli policeman)

Israel – The Palestinian Authority:



American targeted killings in Pakistan:



NATO soldiers (including casualty soldiers in Iraq):

5,200 injured 
(minimal estimate)

4,232 Casualties

June 2010 Total:

The War in Afghanistan and in Pakistan

On June 10 2010 it became known that terror activist of the Afghan Taliban organization have executed a 7 years old child for "spying for the United States." This occurrence also did not manage to stir up the impervious international media nor the international organizations which allegedly act for humanitarian causes. During June 2010 102 foreign soldiers of NATO forces were killed in Afghanistan – most of them American soldiers (additional 8 American soldiers were killed in Iraq during the same said period). June 2010 was the deadliest moth since the invasion to Afghanistan, which began on 2001. During the first six months of 2010 (January – June) 320 foreign soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. In spite of the American Army's effort, Taliban activists rule most of Afghanistan's regions. Furthermore, despite the massive presence of NATO forces in Afghanistan, this country continues to produce about 90 percent of global Heroin supply.

When George W. Bush was the president of the United States (2001 – 2009) he did not incline to authorize targeted killings because of his profound Christian faith. Ever since Barack Hussein Obama started his office at the White House on January 2009, more than 1,200 people were killed by targeted killing in Pakistan alone. Most of the casualties were innocent civilians that had no active part in the terror organizations that are active in the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan. During the first six months of 2010, 484 people were killed by American targeted killings in Pakistan alone.

The main terrorist organizations that are active in Pakistan are: Al-Qaeda, Pakistani Taliban Movement, Jaish-e-Mohammad (Mohammad's army), Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Haqqani Network, which planned the assassination of the CIA agents in Afghanistan on December 31, 2009. Haqqani Network terror activists are well rooted in the Afghani population as well. All these organizations received support and assistance from the Pakistani Intelligence (ISI), in spite of the immense American assistance that the Pakistani government received during the last decade.

The Details in the Islamic Terror Table

The details in the Islamic terror table were gathered by this magazine – The Mideast Forum – by means of daily follow-ups on governmental statements and news items that were published by many international sources during the period discussed – from June 1, 2010 to June 30, 2010. The numbers of casualties and injured presented in the table include civilians, soldiers and terrorist activists according to the minimal estimate. Most of the casualties are Muslims that were murdered by Muslims that are members of radical Islamic movements and Islamic terrorist organizations.

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