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Obama’s Speech on the Economy
January 9, 2009
Dear Editor,
Mr. Obama wants to avoid worn-out economic dogmas. What exactly are those economic dogmas?
Since the Progressives grabbed the emotions of the American public we began a steady increase in government regulation of the economy. FDR then massively expanded the federal government, stealing economic decision-making from individuals. Johnson’s Great Society increased “social programs” before Nixon dropped the gold standard and controlled prices. More recently, Bush I stifled the economy with tax and spend. Later, Clinton tried to enlarge the nanny state, but his successes were eclipsed by the bureaucratic expansion and regulatory power grab of Bush II.
Now Obama promises more government spending, more controls, and more regulation. In fact, his speech makes it clear that demagoguery and dogma are both more important to Obama that liberty or economic health.
The one thing we have yet to try is actually leaving capitalism, and therefore free individuals, alone to flourish.
Scott McDonald

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