Life Imitates The Cube: Iran's Mullahs Photoshop A Missile

By Red Square | 10 July 2008

Once again, life imitates the People's Cube as Iran's Propaganda Department releases a photoshopped picture of a missile launch that directly follows our earlier advice to them, to photoshop their own fakes instead of stealing them from the People's Cube.

As you may remember, in Dec. 2007, Iran's official propaganda website used our spoof image "Iran heart Jews" to illustrate a "current truth" that Jews are welcome in the Islamic Republic of Iran (see below).



Self-inflicted poetic justice: Part I


The original Farsi-language placard says "Nuclear power is our absolute right," meaning that the image was used as a propaganda tool to justify Iran's nuclear program – so it could threaten and maybe even annihilate the Jews in Israel.

In our spoof, we changed the message  to the complete opposite, making it appear improbable. To be fair, the Mullahs' story about Iran's love for the Jews was just as improbable. It  was only logical to put them together.

The Iranian Mullahs fell for it and used our spoof that ridiculed their stupid lies, to back more of their stupid lies, thus proving our original point that (a) they lie and (b) they are stupid.

Self-inflicted poetic justice: Part II

Iran photoshopped missile launch














Here's another advice: learning Photoshop basics may get you a large star on the kitchen refrigerator and a bumper sticker for your mom that says "My Child Is Beet of the Week at The People's Cube" (curtesy of Commissarka Pinkie), but if you really, really want to defeat the Great Satan and its Zionist puppets (or is it the other way around?) you have to go beyond the clone stamp and learn how to apply the smudge tool. You will see how much fun it really is, once you get the hang of it.

That said, we must commend Iran's Propaganda Directorate for the innovative, energy-saving way to intimidate the Zionists. One fake missile out of four amounts to 25% savings in greenhouse emissions (data obtained by Marshal Pupovich).

We thank them for the moral, environmentally conscious approach to nuclear holocaust. We can only wish the Pentagon's nuclear mushrooms in Nevada Desert had also been photoshopped! That would have protected the environment, reduced the carbon footprint, and – as an added bonus – we would be all speaking Russian and using the metric system!

So, after all, the Iranian government, its elite Revolutionary Guards, and its Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance deserve Pinkie's prestigious Beet of the Week Award, which comes with a coupon book good for 25 rubles worth of goods and services at Vlad's Discount Military Hardware, yours for only $100.00.

We'll also ask Pinkie to send their moms bumper stickers that say "My Child Is Beet of the Week at The People's Cube." Coming Soon: Bumper stickers that say, "My Kid Had Your Beet of the Week Kid Purged."

This post was prompted by an email from the masses.

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