Your Speech at the Holocaust Martyrs’ & Heroes’ Remembrance

PM Netanyahu:

In your speech of April 11th, you spoke of the terrible reality of Nazi Germany. Your visits to the death camps and the Security Office of the Reich must have been almost unbearably intense for any moral man but especially for the leader of Israel. The correlation of those terrible times to the threat now facing Israel is a logical connection that must be understood by every freedom loving person.

You said, "The historic failure of the free societies when faced with the Nazi animal was that they did not stand up against it in time, while there was still a chance to stop it." And, "But if we learned anything from the lessons of the Holocaust it is that we must not remain silent and be deterred in the face of evil."

The immoral 'leaders' of nations who should be supporting Israel are wasting time trying to appear as if they are taking a stand against Iran while avoiding the necessity of taking action. It is not an overstatement to say that the future of the civilized world may be in your hands as Islamic fascists make it explicitly clear that the annihilation of Israel is what they seek as their next step in global domination.

As you are humiliated, abandoned and undermined by the President of the United States, the weight of pressure on you must be beyond description. Not only are you surrounded by enemies who worship death, but the leaders of the country that should be your staunch ally tell you to compromise when you know that compromise between good and evil always favors evil and eventually leads to death.

I have always thought that you would be the man Israel would need in it's darkest hour. This is a statement of support PM Netanyahu; don't back down!



Cloud Downey

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